Executive & Leadership Coaching

Research shows that organizational culture is the single biggest factor driving an organization’s performance and that Leadership behaviour has a significant impact on an organization’s culture. For any organization wishing to turn around or grow it’s business it is well worth taking time to identify it’s Culture . This will be invaluable in driving decision making across all aspects of the business from people engagement to performance and competitiveness. The leaders and top management are key to ensuring their own performance and that of their people is constantly improving. This can only happen through awareness building and behavioural change. Coaching is a powerful way of facilitating a change in culture and improved performance. For top leaders in an organisation a coach can be an external sounding board, a support but equally someone who holds them to account. Very often organisational politics, inherent bias or lack of clarity get in the way of making the best decision.

Executive coaching is no longer reserved for top leaders. Increasingly organisations are offering coaching to managers and potential leaders as a training tool to help develop their people skills, gain greater self awareness and improve emotional intelligence. This approach brings many benefits to the organisation such as greater employee engagement, and staff retention while the ripple effects ensure continued improvements enhancing the return on investment.


“Coaching is a powerful way of facilitating a change in culture and improved performance.”

“The ripple effects ensure continued improvements enhancing return on investment.”


I work with organizations to help improve their culture and performance with one to one coaching. Leadership & Performance Programme launching soon.