The best thing you can do to be ready for an interview is prepare for it. Here are a few tips to help you….

Remember three things a prospective employer/interviewer will want to be sure of:

That you can do the job

That you want the job

That you will fit in with the organisation and its people.

After that you must demonstrate what additional value you will bring to the role and to the organisation.

Know your C.V. this may sound obvious but it is important that you are not startled by a question about yourself!

Research the prospective employer. Find out as much as you can about the organisation for whom you are interviewing. Does it have a stated Ethos or Values? What does it look for in an employee? Where does it have a presence? Will there be opportunities for progression? This will help your approach at the interview.

Anticipate the likely questions (including those you dread) well in advance and work on your answers. Think in terms of points, usually 3, when preparing. That way your responses will come across as more genuine at interview.

Spend time in front of the mirror at home answering the questions or if you can, ask a friend or family member to role play the interviewer. This may feel uncomfortable at first but it is worth it. When you stumble or go blank, just start again.

Prepare an extract from a play, something strong that empowers you. Recite this out loud at home, as if you are preparing to go on stage, on the day of the interview. This gets you used to hearing your voice uninterrupted and helps position you in a somewhat “unreal” environment.

For Help with Interview Preparation